A Journey Like No Other

During you trip to Germany and Poland, you will have the unique opportunity to step into history and visit Holocaust related sites.

You will visit monuments and memorials that commemorate the once thriving Jewish cultural centers in Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin that were ravaged during the Holocaust.

You will walk through the former death camps of Auschwitz Birkenau and
Majdanek witnessing the gas chambers and crematoria where millions of
people were murdered.

To stand on this ground, to sense “the presence of the absence” is to
feel the power of hatred and the danger of indifference. Perpetrators
wrought this evil.The world, with their silence, gave its consent and
allowed the atrocities to continue.

An integral part of the MRH program involves Holocaust survivors,
who will accompany you on your journey to share their experiences and
their wisdom. You will feel their pain, be strengthened by their courage
and become a witness yourself by experiencing the Holocaust through
the stories of these remaining survivors.Throughout your travels in
Poland, you will be encouraged to freely discuss your feelings and
impressions.There will be unforgettable moments – moments that
inspire dialogue and create special bonds of friendship among the
diverse participants on the program. Built on a solid foundation of
mutual respect and understanding, such bonds celebrate the blessings
of diversity and exemplify the capacity for reconciliation that exists in
the human spirit.






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